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Modern Factory Building


The history of formation and development of manufacturing for needle-platinum products for knitted and textile machines has begun in Russia more than one hundred years ago, at 1903. Intentions of Russian businessmen to create the needle product have been caused by growing requirement of people in textile, knitted, stocking-socks and other attires. Despite on lacking of technical and scientific potential the belief in prospective and business scent have assisted to invest in creation of factory for manufacturing of difficult products. The absence of qualified specialists has not stopped of factory founders. The period of technical development in England and Europe has coincided with creation of factory. The skilful businessmen have taken advantage the results of European scientific and technical development. They took out the numerous specialists for education in Europe and invited best scientific and technical figures for conducting of seminars and education of personal. The requirement of Russian market has been provided completely to 1916. The change of political system in country at 1917 has introduced certain corrective amendments in factory’s life. There was a certain stagnation. Deficiency of production was felt. Having noticed an event, political management has decided to develop the factory by command-administrative method. The huge sums have been allocated for purchasing of technologies, equipment, for education and improvement of professional skill of employers, the building of buildings and constructions, the lining of communications. The factory has restored all former volumes and has started to expand assortment of new production. The manufacture developed prior to the beginning of the Second World War dynamically. There has been begun military technology and arms release in period of military operations. After end of Second World War it has returned to release of basic production. Results of work of engineers, designers, technologists have not been lost, have been kept. The factory has started to increase volumes of output gradually. This process included creation of modern laboratories, tool manufacture, research-and-production group, updating of park of the equipment and improvement of the organization of work. The possession the best technologies and the qualified experts in exact mechanical engineering has given the chance to master adjacent directions. The filier and edge manufactures have been constructed. Let out production of filier manufacture provided full requirement of the Soviet market, and edge production – half of requirement of the Soviet citizens. The factory continued to develop up to 1991. Since 1991, owing to disorder of the USSR, and transition from a planned economy to market, the enterprise has been exposed by the state on sale. It has been sold to the Russian businessmen and private investors. New shareholders of Mostochlegmash, having noticed a global openness of the different national markets, have felt a serious competition from outside manufactures from the advanced countries. The serious purpose of output of world level product and development of the new markets has been put. The factory managed to create competitive production and to take hold of a part of the markets in the world. Today the enterprise owns modern technologies, unique production potentialities, the best engineers and the designers, well developed network of sales and constantly invests means in development of new production.

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